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ViGlance is a nice utility


ViGlance is a nice utility that was designed in order to bring you the beautiful effects and the enhanced functionality of Windows 7 taskbar.


Take Control of your taskbar with process grouping
ViGlance groups windows relative to their process. Each open application reserves its own space on the bar. Windows relative to that application are then grouped as children of that application on the bar. This keeps the taskbar clean and better organised into a more logical grouping system.

Enjoy true 48x48 Vista/7 icons from your taskbar
Normally Windows XP and Vista is only capable of showing 16x16 sized icons on the taskbar. Yet we tend to respond better to pictures than text. Meaning we rarely read the text labels on our taskbar. The ViGlance superbar displays full colour 48x48 icons making it quicker to identify and manage your tasks.

Replace that ugly start button with a 7 Orb Replica
The start button in Windows XP isn’t very pretty; it’s too big and ugly and its horrible shade of green. ViGlance replaces that horrible oversized start button with a small and efficient start orb. Whilst at the same time delivering a Smooth fade transitional rollover effect like that of Windows 7.

"Glide effortlessly Between tasks" - 7 Style transition effects
“Information shouldn’t just appear on the screen to the user” (MSDN). ViGlance implements a transition effect system I call “Glide”. This is based somewhat on the Aero peak feature from Windows 7. Each group is dynamically resized via the glide animation to fit the size of the available information to be presented, allowing you to “Glide” between each group on the Super Bar.


Build 1288

* Fixed - MSN Window refresh problems

Build 1286

* Fixed - All activation problems

Build 1281 (SE2)

* Fixed - Icons not appearing issue for some machines at startup

Build 1275 (SE2)

* OneStep fix - Fixed security mechanism

* Added - Hyprid Jumplist support
* Added - Shift+Left click opens new instance
* Added - Drag shortcut support
* Added - New options.ini support
* Added - New option parameters (User can control timer intervals)
* Added - OneStep Security Mechanism (Attempts to prevent unauthorised distripution of the program file)
* Added - Rainoffire's customized Windows 7 RTM Skin

* Fixed - Unresponsive processes cause ViGlance to hang
* Fixed - 64bit Processes are now pinnable
* Fixed - 64bit Processes can now be stacked
* Fixed - 64bit Processes can now be executed (after pinned)
* Fixed - 64bit pinned processes no longer open 32bit equivalents
* Fixed - ViGlance not working correctly on 2 monitors
* Fixed - Jumplists not working in Vista
* Fixed - Some Windows didn't appear in ViGlance / blank icon bug

* Fixed UI - ViGlance Tray icon can be permenantly hidden
* Fixed UI - Fixed 'automaticaly' now spelt 'Automatically'
* Fixed UI - Processes now draw at the end of the taskbar when initially opened
* Fixed UI - Not being able to drag process's to the end of taskbar (When not running in full mode)
* Fixed UI - Sometimes when processes are dragged between one another they didnt stay stuck when releasing them

ViGlanceMore Information

1.0 Build 1288
File Size
Operating Systems
Windows 7, XP
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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